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My name is Angeline Fernandes. I’m a mortgage agent, entrepreneur, real estate investor and business woman. You’re here probably because you’ve got some money you’d like to invest, but you don’t quite know where to put it.

The idea of investing in real estate interests you. Perhaps, buying and renovating a property could work. But have you ever done that before? It’s a lot more complicated than many people say. How do you estimate repair costs? What if there is an extra unexpected cost? Flipping doesn’t seem so great now. Perhaps, renting out a property? But have you tried calculating the numbers on a rental property in the GTA? Almost none of the properties make money! In fact, a lot of properties would lose money if you tried to rent them out! Don’t forget you have to deal with potentially messy tenants.

I have a real estate investment strategy that still works in the GTA. You don’t need any experience in real estate to invest. You won’t ever have to swing a hammer or estimate costs for a house. No unexpected renovations messes. You don’t ever have to deal with bad tenants. No watching your precious house get ripped up by other people. Get a strategy that REALLY helps build wealth.

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